Kits & Yarn Orders

Hello ladies, or as they say here in Nepal 🇳🇵: Namaste!

I wanted to be fully transparent with you and let you know that sandy, I have to temporarily increase my shipping fees.

I am currently travelling around the world 🌍, meaning orders are being fulfilled by my lovely mother and partner in crime Modestes Ouvrages.

She lives in Belgium and annoyingly, shipping fees are a lot higher there than in the U.K.

It was a hard decision but I made calculations and by keeping the shipping fees as they are, I am making a loss.

So, rather than compromising on the quality of my shipments, I had no choice but to increase fees accordingly.

Please note that I will bring these back to what they were as soon as I am back in the U.K., which won’t be until early 2019.

I apologise for this, and I hope this won’t deter anyone from getting nice crochet goodies!


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