Farewell Present – double up thread crochet

Yesterday was my last day at work. My colleague Faye, whom I taught how to crochet last year, came to me with a lovely little present: 

A cute golden ball of yarn!

It’s very fine so I’m going to learn how to double up the thread as I go. I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube and it doesn’t look that hard. You can learn how to here:

Have a great Saturday!

Little London Crochet


Crochet & Knitting soon prescribed by NHS?

Not sure if you saw on This Morning, they recently talked about how the NHS could save millions by prescribing knitting to patients. 

Knitting (I would like to include crochet in this, on this occasion), distracts from chronic pain, lowers blood pressure and may slow the onset of dementia – according to this video:

So let’s contaminate the planet with a lot of knitting and crocheting ladies! 

Have a nice evening ♥️