Coin Purse Workshop

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but since Christmas I literally have not stopped! First of all work got really busy, but I’ve also been planning my big trip. For those of you who don’t know yet, my boyfriend and I are about to embark on a 1-year round-the-world trip. We are VERY excited!

What this means though, is that my crochet will probably take a back-seat in 2018. I am of course taking my hook with me but logistically speaking it won’t be as easy to make and share my stuff. I will share the travel blog my boyfriend and I will create for our trip in case you want to follow our adventures!

Last month I co-hosted a crochet workshop with Alison from Essex Country Crochet. 8 ladies joined this fabulous day of crochet and chat.



We had ladies who knew how to crochet, and others who had never held a hook before.


One thing I realised during the workshop is that teaching is very rewarding. What struck me the most is how fast children can learn. Three young primary school girls joined the workshop and guess what? They are the only ones who completed 100% of their coin purses. Incredible! Two of these talented girls have a crochet Instagram account in case you want to follow them: Poppy and Izzy. As they are underaged I cannot share any pics of them, so instead I will share their work:



I also had the amazing opportunity to meet another crochet freak I originally met on Instagram. We have been talking for a few months and it was nice to finally meet Brittany face to face:


This workshop gave me a lot of ideas for the future. First of all I would like to do like my mum and get my crochet teacher certification. But I would also like to run more workshops, and co-host more regularly with other fellow crocheter.

Stay tuned guys, I may not post as much as I used to but I’m still here!!!


5 thoughts on “Coin Purse Workshop

  1. Coucou je ne comprends pas un mot mais je devine que tu te fais des cours de crochet et que tu apprends aux autres .bravo à toi Mary
    Tu vas être contente de savoir que je me suis mise au crochet .j apprends pour le moment car j ai du mal à avoir une bonne tension mais je vais y arriver .patienCe patience
    J espère que tu vas bien et contente d avoir de tes nouvelles
    Gros bisous maryhelene et bonne semaine Merci pour les photos c est super
    Ce sont les vacances scolaires pour nous pour deux semaines donc je vais bien profiter de mes petites filles à bientôt albine

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