Christmas Markets 

Hello everyone!

I am a bit gutted as I wasn’t able to post anything in over 2 weeks. Between my full time job and the markets it’s been a lot more difficult to spend time on social media.

So far I have done 3 out of the 4 markets I’m doing this year for Christmas and I am very happy with the way it’s going.

  1. Wimbledon

That was the first market I made ever so I was a bit nervous. Unfortunately that one was a bit of a fail. It was outside, cold and rainy so footfall was low. Sales were bad and I made a loss. It was a bit discouraging as it was my first and I thought to myself I really hope the next ones will be better otherwise I will have to offer crocheted presents to all my family with the remaining stock hehe! Whilst I met some nice people I don’t think I will be doing this one again next year. I’ve learnt that indoor markets are the best as you don’t depend on the weather! 

2. Fortismere School

This Christmas market was organised by a School in Muswell Hill. It went very well, a lot better than I thought actually! There are over 1,500 students in the school so footfall was huge. I also met some lovely people including a lady that makes her own jewellery El Zacura. You should check her out!

3. Belgium

Probably my favourite one so far as I did it with my mum and all our family and friends came to say hi. Including my grand parents who are not in great shape (it was snowing a lot too that day so triple points for them!). 

We’ve learnt a lot during all markets, including about packaging. We noticed that we sold more when items were not packaged and people could touch them. If only we had known this before as it is time consuming to package everything haha but you live and learn!

I have one more on Saturday and after that I think I will crochet something for myself! As a little treat!

Have a good evening and I will post again soon after my workshop on Thursday! Very excited about it!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Markets 

  1. coucou!!!on apprend en faisant des erreurs c est la vie !!!je vois que les trois marches de noel ont ete aussi bien decorés donc un gros gros point pour toi !!
    bonne reprise apres tout ce travail , tu auras bien sur besoin de te reposer , tu as raison faire du crochet pour toi sera la meilleure façon et passer de bons moments en famille aussi donc bon noel et bonne fin d annee bises albine a bientot donc

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bravo ma chérie. Tu es très courageuse!!!
    Pour une première expérience, tu peux être fière et…on améliore pour l’année prochaine.
    Quel plaisir de travailler en équipe toutes les 2!!!!!!!! C’est motivant.
    Gros bisous


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